5 Privacy, Data Protection and Sharing of Information

This privacy policy explains what information The Brite Star Energy solutions Ltd collects and what that information is used for.

This Site is owned by The Brite Star Energy solutions Ltd. By submitting information about yourself or others within this Site, you on your behalf and on their behalf consent to its use as set out in this consent notice. We may also record information about the way you have used our Site to improve the way it operates.

Personal data that you provide us with will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and our registration under that Act. We need this data to help us to provide you with details of goods and services and for research purposes.

Where it is lawful to do so, we may transfer or share personal data that you provide to Associated Businesses for goods and services relevant to your enquiry. Accordingly, we pass information about you and the goods and services that you have expressed an interest in to Associated Businesses. The Associated Businesses to whom we pass your information may also hold and use your information in relation to other goods and services which they supply.

We may contact you by by mail, e-mail, telephone or other appropriate means in order to provide the goods and services relevant to your enquiry or which we believe may be of interest to you. In any event we permit you to opt out from those e-mails at any time in the future. Those Associated Businesses may contact you (by mail, e-mail, telephone or other appropriate means) in order to provide the goods and services relevant to your enquiry or otherwise marketed by them.

The information that you supply will be held and used for the purposes of administration by us and by Associated Businesses. The information that you supply may also be used by us and by Associated Businesses for accounting, statistical or marketing purposes, and may be transmitted by any usual means including the Internet. If you do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes at any time in the future please contact us at 

You undertake to provide us with information acting in good faith. We reserve the right to check the Internet Protocol address and Media Access Control address used in the provision of information to us.

Any communication you make with us may be monitored for quality control and security purposes.

In accordance with data protection legislation, we provide a means for you to check and where appropriate amend the personal data about you which we have recorded. If you wish to see the personal data we record about you, you should write to:

The Data Protection Co-ordinator

The Brite Star Energy solutions Ltd

Level 5, Berkeley Square House,Berkeley Square, Mayfair, W1J 6BY

We may charge a fee of up to a maximum of £10 to process a personal data request.

Each of our Associated Businesses has its own privacy statement, which may differ from this statement. Therefore, please ensure that you read the privacy statements located on the website of each Associated Business to whom we pass your information. Any websites connected with an Associated Business is not within the control of The Brite Star Energy solutions Ltd

·By using this Site, you are agreeing to the collection and use of any personal information sent to us in accordance with this privacy statement.

· Before you provide us with any personal data about a third party you must obtain the correct authority from the individual concerned and undertake to keep that individual advised about how the information of that individual will be used.

In summary, but without prejudice to the foregoing, we use the information you provide us in the following manner:

Entity Use for goods and services relevant to your enquiry Use for other goods and services Use for goods and services not marketed by us/that company Transfer to a third party Transfer to an investigatory or regulatory organisation
The Brite Star Energy solutions Ltd Yes Yes, for goods and services which we believe may be of interest to you No Normally, to not more than three Associated Businesses, or for data processing Yes
Associated Business Yes Yes, for any goods and services marketed by them No No, other than for data processing Yes


6 Intellectual property and Copyright

Except as indicated otherwise, all intellectual property rights in the information, text, graphic images, logos, features or functions, and layout (including the "look and feel") contained in this Site are the exclusive property of

The Brite Star Energy solutions Ltd and are subject to copyright protection .

Copying or use of our text, images and logos or of the text, images or logos of any third party on this Site is not permitted without prior approval from the relevant copyright owner. However, you may download or print any pages from this Site for personal, non- commercial use, provided you do not remove any copyright notices shown on those pages. If you are a business, please note that you may still download or print the pages, provided the downloading or printing is incidental to your business and the purpose of doing so is not to use the material that you download or print as the basis for your business. Any resale or further publication of the material downloaded or printed from this Site is prohibited.


7 Information

You accept full responsibility for the validity, accuracy and transmission of information you send to us. Without limitation, we do not accept any responsibility for the loss, delay or corruption of any information that you send to us.

You should not interpret any information on this Site as providing any advice or recommendation that any particular transaction should or should not be effected or service obtained.

Where we indicate on the Site that certain goods and services are available we do not guarantee that those goods and services will always be available. Those goods and services may be withdrawn or modified at any time.

Any recommendation as to an Associated Business provided by us is provided in good faith. We act solely as an introducing agent. We are not responsible for and are not a party to any transaction that you may enter into with an Associated Business. That Associated Business is solely responsible to you in respect of any goods or services supplied to you by them.

We pass information that you give us to Associated Businesses in good faith. However, you should check that the Associated Business has used accurate information in the course of the supply of any goods and services to you.

We do not guarantee the financial viability of any Associated business. You should verify the financial viability of any Associated Business yourself. Where appropriate, you should take measures to protect yourself against the insolvency of any Associated Business with whom you deal. For example, you may be able to do so by the use of a credit card.

We reserve the right to alter the content, presentation, performance, user facilities and availability of all or any part of the Site at our sole discretion, at any time, and without giving any notice.

You must use your own judgment in making any decision based on information supplied on this Site. The Site is not designed to provide the sole source of advice regarding a particular subject (including without limitation regarding the goods and services included on the Site) and should not be interpreted by you as providing the sole source of advice on a particular subject. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, reliability and usefulness of any opinions, services or other information provided on the Site.

In addition, where you are representing another person, you should not permit that person whom you are representing to regard the Site as providing the sole source of advice on a particular subject.

Information Collected

Personal information is collected by The Brite Star Energy Solutions Ltd . References in this privacy policy to “www.eco-grants.org”, “we”, “us”, “our” or similar refer to The Brite Star Energy Solutions Ltd operating the relevant website and references to “The Brite Star Energy Solutions Ltd sites” refer to any of our websites from which you have accessed this privacy policy.

Company: The Brite Star Energy Solutions Ltd

Registered Office: Level 5, Berkeley Square House,Berkeley Square, Mayfair, W1J 6BY

We collect personally identifiable information about you (your "Data") through: ‐ the use of enquiry and registration forms ‐ the provision of your details to us either online or offline.

The elements of your Data that we collect may include:

‐ Name
‐ Company name
‐ Home address and phone number
‐ Mobile telephone number
‐ E‐mail address
‐ Date of birth
‐ Household income
‐ Housing Benefits data
‐ Property information
‐ Usage statistics
‐ Personal situation

We may also collect information that we request from you regarding your use of our service or that we collect automatically about your visit to our sites. Please see our cookies policy below.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

We use your Data for purposes which may include:

‐ processing grant applications
‐ passing on to approved installers on our network
‐ providing our users with a personalised service
‐ processing orders, registrations and enquiries
‐ conducting market research surveys
‐ allowing users to participate in interactive features of our service, where they choose to do so
‐ providing reports to our customers
‐ providing you with information about products and services we offer (if you agree to receive such information)
‐ monitoring compliance with our Terms and Conditions and Copyright Policy See our Cookies Policy for more details.

If you wish to receive information about The Brite Star Energy Solutions Ltd sites products or services or from other carefully selected organisations about products or services they offer, please indicate your preferences using the consent boxes when providing us with your Data. We may also disclose your information to business partners and to third party suppliers we engage to provide services which involve processing data on our behalf, successors in title to our business or in accordance with a properly executed court order or as otherwise required to do so by law. We reserve the right to fully co‐operate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requiring or requesting us to disclose the identity or other usage details of any user of our sites.

We also use information in aggregate form (so that no individual user is identified by name): ‐ to build up marketing profiles ‐ to aid strategic development ‐ to audit usage of the site. We use technology on the registration and manage my account pages of some of our websites, which may record user movements, including page scrolling, mouse clicks and text entered. It will not record financial information such as credit or debit card details. The data we collect in this way helps us to identify usability issues, to improve the assistance and technical support we can provide to users and is also used for aggregated and statistical reporting purposes.


8 Disclaimer

In no event shall we be liable (whether to you or to any third party whom you are representing) for any cost or damages, including any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with (a) your access or use of, or your inability to access or use, this Site or (b) any transaction effected by you or us and arising out of your access (or arising out of access which has been purportedly made by you) to this Site or (c) information we or an Associated Business provides to you.

The provisions of the sentence above shall not apply in respect of any claim you may have for cost or damages for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence.


9 Feedback and Complaints

If you have any feedback regarding this Site please send it to: info@fundmyeco.com.

If you would like any further information or have any general comments on aspects of the Site or our service or you have any complaints, p lease address them to:

The Data Protection Co-ordinator

The Brite Star Energy solutions Ltd

Level 5, Berkeley Square House,Berkeley Square, Mayfair, W1J 6BY

or by e-mail: info@fundmyeco.com.

10 Changes to these Terms and Conditions of Use

If we change these Terms and Conditions of Use, we shall post the changes on this page and we may place notices on other pages of the Site so that you and any other third party whom you are representing are aware of how we collect and use your and their information and under what circumstances it is disclosed. By continuing to use the Site, you will be deemed to signify that you agree to any such changes on behalf of yourself and on behalf of those others.

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